Tailored programs to close gaps, support learning disabilities and excel in all areas of the Ontario JK – 8 Curriculum.

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  • Utilizing a comprehensive approach to literacy recognizing that instruction must focus on word-reading skills, oral language development, vocabulary and comprehension skills, as well as, writing
  • Personalized programming determined through initial and ongoing assessments
  • Utilizing leveled readers for the just right reading fit to maximize literacy skill attainment
  • Literacy skill focused games to ensure practice is enjoyable
  • Fully licenced to offer proven technology literacy support with “Lexia Core 5” and “Lexia Power Up” programs
  • Utilizing the “Writing Process” and all its components to ensure the author of a text has effectively and efficiently communicated their thoughts and ideas to their readers
  • Teaching the required elements of both fiction (narrative) and nonfiction (descriptive/report, persuasive, explanation, procedural and retell) text types as well as any forms (e.g. letter, advertisement, essay, etc.) they may take
  • Introducing students to techniques to aid in idea generation and a variety of organizers to ensure all elements of their text type are met
  • Utilizing rough drafts to capture their initial ideas and revision techniques to clarify and sequence those ideas to ensure the reader clearly understands what has been stated in print
  • Teaching editing techniques making certain that spelling and grammatical components are perfected and a polished text is presented
  • A focus on refining individual mathematical skills while developing an understanding of when and which skills to apply in order to efficiently and effectively solve mathematical problems
  • Use of manipulatives and tools to reinforce understanding of math concepts
  • Introducing and supporting students with strategies and approaches they can use to clearly communicate their mathematical thinking (e.g. chart, graph, tally, patterns, equations, etc.)
Age groups
Age Groups

Preschool/Early Years

  • Children 3 – 5 years
  • School readiness programming
  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten programming

Elementary School

  • Programming available for children and adolescents in grades 1 through 8
  • Reading, writing and mathematics curriculum focused
Study Skills

Teaching strategies to assist students with their Executive Functioning skills (planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details as well as managing time and space), all skills required for effective study skills

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