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Meet the Founder

Terresa Diemer, the Administrator and Founder of Learners’ Choice Tutoring firmly believes that all children when immersed in programming supporting and mirroring their learning style/intelligence can achieve great academic success.

With 30 years of teaching experience, spanning grades JK to grade 6, 2 years of work with the Ministry of Education in the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and 10 years supporting students, teachers and parents as a Special Education Resource Teacher, Terresa has observed student’s striving for and attaining personal bests regularly.

Being an advocate for every child to receive an education that incorporates meeting their social, emotional and environmental needs is one of the guiding principles that motivated Terresa to regularly seek out Professional Development within the board she taught in as well as outside of the board with professionals noted in their own areas of expertise.

Networking with Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Psychoeducation Consultants, Child and Youth Counselors and Social Workers provided Terresa with perspectives outside of the academic training she received but are so impactful to a child’s ability to connect with the curriculum’s she would be introducing them to. A firm desire to bring all members of a learning team, student, parents and teacher together to maximize a student’s achievements means that clear and timely feedback is required.

Terresa will seek parents out and encourage them to seek her out when there is any information needing to be shared that could impact a student’s ability to do their best learning. Outside of teaching Terresa enjoys nature, gardening, reading, hiking and family time with her children, husband and pets.

Specializing in Elementary and Preschool Programming
  • All our Tutors are educated, trained and have experience working with Early Years, Primary, Junior and Intermediate Children
Creating Personalized Learning Experiences
  • We take time to get to know your child’s interests and learning strengths and styles, both, when applied during lessons, serve as powerful intrinsic motivators.
  • We determine exactly where your child’s learning gaps or needs are through assessments and parent/guardian, teacher and student feedback.
  • We then tailor the tutoring experience for each student, ensuring growth within academic and study skills, allowing our students to confidently see themselves as a lifelong learner
We Are Canadian
  • In Depth Knowledge of Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Expectations
  • Ontario Certified Teachers and Degreed Professionals
Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Scheduling options that work with student and family time commitments
  • No Enrollment Contracts
Budget Friendly Price Point Options
  • Price Point Alternatives to fit a family’s budget requirement

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