Assured Results

Learners’ Choice Tutoring’s personally tailored programs get results!

Learners’ Choice Tutoring Guarantees:

We will take the time to get to know your child’s interests and learning strengths and styles, both, when applied during lessons, serve as powerful intrinsic motivator

Our tutors will make informed programming decisions based on assessments, insights and feedback parents or guardians and teachers share as well as ongoing observations during their interactions with your child

Your child’s tailored programs will be developmentally scaffolded allowing new learning to be integrated and consolidated from previously mastered learning

All tailored programs will align with the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Expectations

As your child’s confidence grows with their increased knowledge and understanding their confidence will grow and they will see themselves as successful lifelong learners

For two years, we struggled to excite our son about learning to read. We finally reached the tipping point after yet another emotional and unproductive reading session, and knew we needed professional help. After only a few weeks of tutoring with Learners’ Choice we saw an immediate and dramatic improvement. Right before our eyes, our son was attempting new words, sounding out independently, and most importantly was engaged in the learning to read process. Our tutor, Terresa, knew exactly how to approach his learning style, and has provided him with an extensive reading “tool kit” that he will undoubtedly apply for many years to come. We are absolutely thrilled we chose Learners’ Choice, and couldn’t be happier with our son’s success.
Jill Kron

Mother of a Grade 1 Student

The Learners Choice program is fantastic! My 9 year old boys reading and language skills are improving weekly. Not only their skills have improved but they have gained much needed confidence.
I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is struggling or wants to improve on their language skills.

Mother of two Grade 4 students

Our daughter Lily always struggled with reading. We noticed in kindergarten that she would be excited to read but then would easily get frustrated when she gets a word wrong and would completely shut down. We continued to read books at night before bed and get books from the library so that we could keep that relationship with books going. During COVID and learning virtually for 2 years, this added layers of missed opportunities to really get to the bottom of Lily understanding proper phonetics and sounds which are fundamental for reading. Lily’s struggle with reading was starting to impact her other subjects and support at home was not working. We connected with a local tutoring service but unfortunately this was only offered virtually.
When we connected with Terresa, she asked a lot of questions and gathered Lily’s past reports. She also did an assessment to get a true understanding of where Lily was and what sort of support she required to move forward. This is a critical step in the process and unfortunately our previous tutor did not do this. It was really hard to hear that your third grader is reading at a grade one entry level. Terresa was able to customize a plan forward that is very effective. She’s also very good at pivoting and working with Lily who can sometimes lose interest when she’s not understanding something. Within a few weeks we saw massive improvements in Lily’s reading and interest to read. We are now 4 months in and Lily is on track to reading at a grade 3 entry level. There’s still a lot of work to do but we are very confident that with the support from Terresa, Lily will continue in becoming a strong reader.
Christine MacNeil

My 8 year old son began tutoring in summer 2022. While his reading, writing and math skills have vastly improved, the most valuable gain has been his confidence. Instead of his usual “I can’t do it,” he now sees himself as “good at math” and “better at writing,” and puts more care and effort in at school. Tutoring has been such a success that our 7 year old has also started for some enrichment!

The sessions are completely customized to the needs and learning styles of my children and the improvement is evident!

Bianca Chambers

Mother of a Grade 4 and Grade 2 Student

Through her patient yet direct approach, Terresa, from Learners’ Choice, has had a significant impact on both my son’s capability and desire to complete written assignments. With both ADHD and a learning disability in writing, this area has always been a challenge for him; however, Terresa leveraged her expertise of how to educate someone with these exceptionalities to tailor a program to fit his needs and learning style. Her work with him has quickly shown tangible improvements in his output, as he has continuously improved his written communication. I am grateful for the lessons Terresa has provided, as they are establishing building blocks to prepare my son for the future, and instilling confidence along the way.

Mother of a Grade 7 Student