Specializing in Elementary and Preschool Programming

We create Personalized Learning Experiences with Flexible Scheduling Options

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Tutoring Tailored for Success!

  • Tailored programs to close gaps, support learning disabilities and excel in all areas of the Ontario JK – 8 Curriculum
  • Tailored programs based on assessments as well as parent, teacher, and student feedback
  • Tailored programming to support study and executive functioning skills
  • Tailored program delivery options all administered and monitored by Ontario Certified Teachers and Degreed Professionals
  • Tailored scheduling options that work with student and family time commitments
  • Tailored price point alternatives to fit a family’s budget requirements

Programs and Support



Utilizing a comprehensive approach to literacy, recognizing that instruction must focus on word-reading skills, oral language development, vocabulary and comprehension skills as well as writing



Utilizing the “Writing Process” and all its components to ensure the author of a text has effectively and efficiently communicated their thoughts and ideas to their readers



A focus on refining individual mathematical skills while developing an understanding of when and which skills to apply in order to efficiently and effectively solve mathematical problems